Welcome to M2M version 3

Use the menu choices above to log in to the M2M service or view the available documents and information available.  

Preview our M2M service by clicking the M2M link above and login with the following details: user name: demo2    password: demo2019

Please make a note of any important system messages that may be posted here.

M2M Service Status

28 Jun 2019
We have performed a system update today and the system is running normally now. There have been some layout changes in the latest upgrades. 

New M2M Service

Jun 2019
We are continuing to move our clients to the new M2M version 3 which is written in HTML 5. This means that the web site will be more efficient and run better on all browsers and devices.

Each of our clients will be contacted directly when their loggers are ready to be transferred to the new service. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Temporary Domain Name

Jun 2019
Please be aware that this domain name of www.dataloggersonline.uk is a temporary domain name. When we get most of our clients transferred to the new service we will transfer the domain name of www.m-2-m.com to this service.